A pile of vegetables

Mix of salads with chicken breast

carrot, radish, avocado, aioli dressing, egg, roasted sesame, toast
(obsahuje: 1, 3, 10) - 400g / 100g
10,90 €
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Lettuce salad with grilled goat cheese

balsamico dressing, roasted beetroot, baby potatoes, black lentil, fresh chilli, toast
(obsahuje: 1, 7,12) - 400g
12,50 €
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Gently smoked duck breast on lettuce

carrot, white radish, spring onion, chili, fresh coriander, soybeans, sesame, citrus dressing, crispy loksha
(obsahuje: 1, 6, 11) - 400g / 100g
12,20 €
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