We bring you the first virtual Klubovňa!

Now you can enjoy all the Klubovňa goodies and drinks cosy at home or any place you choose, where you can bring your favorite dishes after you have comfortably ordered them through the e-shop and come to pick them up personally at Centrálna or Petržalská Klubovňa or either have them brought via Wolt.

We really tried to think of everything, so the menu of Domáca Klubovňa is designed in a way, that you can enjoy it in the comfort of your home, but with the same quality as in the restaurant.

We have used all our experience to bring you a unique project that is not just an e-shop, but a restaurant in the comfort of your home. At the same time, we also thought about your safety, which is why all our meals are packaged in compliance with the highest hygienic standards.

You will find meals and drinks suitable for your grill parties, family weekend gatherings, family celebrations, home parties, but also completely ordinary days when you simply want something special.

Give it a try!

And then share your opinion with us, it is valuable feedback for us and it is important because then we can improve the whole process or offer to your satisfaction.

If you are a MedusaCard loyalty card holder, you can only earn points for purchases when you pick them up in person, when ordering via Wolt, it is not possible to load purchases on your MedusaCard.

Your Domáca Klubovňa ♥



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